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Chiropractors can be thought of as non-surgical spinal specialists and experts in joint and myofascial mechanics of the body. Chiropractic treatment is extremely safe and effective for a whole range of musculoskeletal pain, but particularly for treatment of the spine and how this can effect the function of the nervous system.

All of our chiropractors are registered with the GCC and are covered by most health insurance companies.

If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash associated injuries or any other types of pain and imbalances, then we can help by providing preventative care and ongoing optimisation. Book an appointment with one of our experienced Chiropractors today.

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Thoracic Adjustment Treatment - Twickenham Chiropractic

About Our Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractors are most widely recognised for their safe and effective treatment of the spine, however, they are trained to deal with the whole body and how it moves and functions.

Chiropractors are highly skilled and trained in treating problems with joints, muscles and other soft tissues of the body and their interaction with the nervous system. The nervous system (which includes the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves) controls everything from pain perception to movement. If a joint becomes restricted or misaligned (particularly of the spine) it can change the interaction between the brain and the body, therefore potentially causing pain/injury and changes in movement/posture.

In the UK it takes 5 years of training in order to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. During this time a comprehensive understanding of the whole human body needs to be understood, learnt and applied practically. The diagnostic and highly trained manual therapy skills are what make chiropractors experts in the management of musculoskeletal pain and injury.


Chiropractic treatment will more often than not involve joint manipulation, which is more commonly known as a ‘chiropractic adjustment’. An adjustment is a safe and gentle technique that is used to restore correct movement to restricted or misaligned joints. This helps to improve movement, but more importantly changes how your brain and nervous system perceive pain. Therefore helping you feel and move better.

Various soft tissue techniques are used to accompany the adjustments, helping to reduce any soft tissue dysfunction and muscle spasm. This, along with any relevant rehab advice will help to reduce pain and improve wellbeing.


Initial Consultation

An in depth detailed consultation and assessment needs to be carried out on your first visit. This is to ensure that the cause of your complaint is found and that the correct treatment and advice can be given. We want you to understand the exact details of what is going on and how it can be improved. The initial consultation will include the following:

  • Detailed case history
  • Full spinal and neuro-musculoskeletal examination
  • Report of findings – your diagnosis and recommended plan of management*
  • Your first adjustments and treatment with any relevant exercises/advice*

*This is almost always carried out on the first visit, however, occasionally we require further testing such as an x-ray or MRI scan before it is considered safe to start treatment. For your peace of mind these tests can be arranged by your chiropractor.


Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits tend to be much shorter in duration and involve a treatment, usually followed by some advice and/or a home-exercise plan. We will always allow enough time for treatment and questions to be answered. Treatment is always tailored to the individual and always follows the initial consultation. The number of advised follow up visits is always dependent on the individual and is variable depending on the nature and severity of the condition.


Make an appointment to see a TW Chiropractor if you have any of the following:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Thoracic pain
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash Associated Injuries
  • Neck-related Headaches, Migraine & Dizziness
  • Postural Imbalances
  • Hip, Knee and Foot pain
  • Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Pain
  • Looking for preventative care and optimisation of movement and performance


Your health is important to us and we want to provide a level of care that will not only aid in symptom reduction but also symptom prevention. Your chiropractor can provide you with further information on this throughout your course of care.

Regular planned chiropractic sessions and rehabilitative exercises are a great combination to help prevent flare ups and injury. Early detection and correction can ultimately help to avoid ‘small niggles’ becoming a ‘big problem’. Prevention is always better than cure.

If you are an athlete or somebody that takes a sport/fitness seriously then maintenance treatment is a good way to go about optimising movement and performance. Treatment can be tailored specifically, depending on the individual’s sport, to gain maximum optimal results.

Are you ready for a chiropractic consultation?

Our qualified practitioners are able to assess, diagnose and treat. Schedule your appointment today!

Chiropractic Reviews

Chris H.
Rachel & I have used a variety of the clinics services and highly recommend TW Chiro. They are professional, friendly and deliver high quality skilled services to help their clients. “Helen has helped me with a niggling dance injury and following a series of treatment sessions and clearly explained rehab plan my hamstring has improved significantly - really grateful for the care and support received” Rachel “I have seen Lee many times for a range of chiropractic corrections and shock wave therapy to keep me moving well - I spend time at a desk and training and I find the treatment really helps my posture and ability to move. Lees knowledge is great and always does a good job” Chrisread more
Paul W.
Having been a regular patient, under the wonderful Elly Gibbins, for a number of years, I cannot sing praises high enough on her excellent treatments. With my 8 or 12 week check ups, Elly makes every session a relaxing and extremely beneficial occasion. An update chat and questions asked on personal well being before any treatment begins. Elly will always let you know any problems you have and probable causes, whilst doing the body manipulation and genuinely engages in conversation about your own life's activities, as well as her own. A thoroughly wonderful relaxing experience on every visit. An 'A' plus rating for Elly and the Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre!read more
Hilary M.
Finally found relief for my upper back pain! Was skeptical to look for a new chiropractor although I've had a few sporadic treatments overseas previously. These things can sometimes feel like you're throwing money out the window if you don't find the right person. Definitely not the case here :)Lee is really friendly and has been great at knuckling down on my back problem and explaining it to me. I've been experiencing constant upper back pain from the usual 9-5 desk work grind. Just finished my second session but starting to feel the benefits of the regular treatment. Thank you Lee!read more
Tim E.
Always a very friendly reception. Never have to wait too long. Elly has been a star! Friendly and professional, she has made these appointments enjoyable. Happy to explain why and what she is doing. Glad to have her as my more
Bethan C.
I have been seeing Elly for a few years now and have never felt better. She takes so much care when treating me and always asks lots of questions to tailor the treatment for me each session. She is extremely kind and thoughtful and always remembers details I have told her in the past. If anyone is in need of a chiropractor I couldn't recommend her more. Thank you more
millie C.
I highly recommend TW Chiropractic. Emily has been fantastic right from the start. She listens to my problem and explains to me how she could help. Sometimes there's ups and downs to my conditions, but she made me feel reassured that the situation will get better and encouraged me to do certain exercises to improve the situation.The whole experience is great, staff is very welcoming. They will send you reminders and make sure you won't miss the more
Hannah B.
A great place to go for chiropractic treatment. The reception staff are excellent - friendly and helpful. Elly Gibbins is a fantastic chiropractor and has sorted out many years worth of problems. I would highly recommend!read more
Joseph C.
I have had a very good experience with Emily. I knew hardly anything about Chiropractic Health other than 'I've got a pain in my back'. When I first visited, Emily explained the process well and so I knew what to expect.After having 1-2 treatments per week for a couple of months the pain I had is gone and generally I have had far fewer instances of 'having a sore back'. I have also had some good advice for recovery after sport which has been very helpful.Very happy to recommend Emily and this more
Paula R.
I came to Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre with a bad and constant shoulder pain. As soon as I entered I was welcomed by a friendly receptionist who advised me who will be doing my initial assessment, which I later had with Elly. She is a wonderful doctor who helped me with my shoulder in a matter of weeks. I feel much better now, Elly also shared with me a great set of exercises that I can do at home to strengthen my upper back and shoulders. Now I come for monthly visits to maintain it. I want to thank Elly and reccomend Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre to anyone who require chiropractor help. Thanks guys! You are great!read more
edward S.
Should one EVER contemplate Chiropractic treatment, Dr. Emily Blue at Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre is the ONLY solution! My prior research was rewarded beyond words. No frills, dedicated, erudite, withpeople skills to correctly assess, apply requisite physicality with clear explanation and holding the academic plaudits that imbue confidence.The result....., a complete resolve for me! The benefit of a decade of dedicated study and training; Dr. Blue is a gifted professional - One whotakes a full spectrum analysis to treat one physically, psychologicallyand spiritually - seeking to roundly develop a permanent healing result; Root the cause & solve the effect, accordingly. Words cannot convey depth of my understanding and appreciation of Your gifted person. NOW, to YOU reading this,....if you wish to have assist with an anatomical condition in which you seek natural resolve; TCHC - Dr. Blue, is the ONLY answer. Why wait? I am both at once most grateful and relieved of the annoyance of discomfort of debilitating Back & Sciatica pain! The BEST.Thank You Dr. more
Charlotte B.
Emily is fantastic as my Chiropractor. Always got a smile on her face and is incredibly reassuring when doing any adjustments. Really appreciate the soft tissue work which she does as well to compliment the treatment. Trust her completely!read more
Neha V.
Emily is an amazing chiropractor- she’s friendly and really listens to your problems. Lower back pain is no more for me and I can finally start enjoying the things I use to do!read more
Abi L.
I started going to Twickenham Chiropractic in Spring this year due to some ongoing neck and back problems which were giving me a lot of pain. I’d seen many physios, chiropractors and masseurs but nothing had worked until I saw Emily. I’m now in a place where I don’t have day-to-day pain, can move without discomfort and visit once a month just to make sure everything is in check. She’s been brilliant in working with me to ensure that I don’t experience the same pain again and has spent a lot of time explaining how I can avoid the same thing happening again. Because of Emily, I’ve been able to get back into sport and live a much more active lifestyle. Thanks Emily, you’re a star!read more
Daniel E.
I see Emily at Twickenham Chiropractic and she makes you feel so welcome and comfortable during the whole process. I would highly recommend her (and have done so) to anyone I know in the area. All of the staff I have met have been very friendly and professional. A pleasure to visit each time!read more
Lucy B.
I have been having chiropractic treatment from Lee since the clinic opened. Lee has not only helped me recover more quickly from various injuries, he has also helped prevent them through regular tuneups. I have also had regular sports massages from Christina who has also been vital in my injury recovery/prevention. I’ve had such good treatment there that I have had complete confidence to refer family members and friends for various symptoms including age related issues and every day stresses taking their toll. They have always been very impressed with the results. Extremely friendly and welcoming staff, I would absolutely recommend this clinic for all its more
Denise T.
After a car accident while I was on vacation, Emily was able to help restore normal functioning in my neck and upper back. I was surprised by her ability to quickly find the origin of my issues and adjust me accordingly. Not only that, but Emily is a fantastic person overall and made visiting the chiropractor a very pleasant experience. Over my time at Twickenham Chiropractic Health, all of the staff has been so wonderful and welcoming. I can not recommend Emily and TCH more!read more
Svetlana P.
I am a long-time patient of Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre and I highly recommend Dr Emily Blue.She is so talented, thorough, gentle and effective. She is more than a chiropractor—giving care and attention to the whole person. If you need a good chiropractor—call her today!read more
Helen M.
The staff at Twickenham Chiropractic Health are very friendly and welcoming. I worked with Emily Blue to overcome some neck strain that I have been experiencing since I was a teenager. Our consultaion was thorough and really informative which was great as I was a little nervous coming in. Emily was helpful in assessing where my problems were and has helped me a great deal since I have been coming to see more
Suman L.
Emily is an absolute professional, emotionally intelligent and up to speed with current advancements in her field, thus giving her an edge over other chiropractors. She approaches the issue in a holistic 360-degree manner, allowing her to fully analyse the situation in order to develop a structured rehabilitation plan to suit the patient. I found this very refreshing as she was interested in setting realistic goals for me in balance with my well-being rather than squeezing me into a standardised plan which would be difficult for me to maintain. The hard work and effort she has put into improving my mobility and physical functionality so that I can do more for longer each day, has made me respect Emily and her work even more. It’s been a pleasure and a very positive experience, I would recommend her to more
Julie W.
Emily was recommended to me by a colleague and I’ve been seeing her for the last few months with a frozen shoulder. She diagnosed it immediately and it has improved with every visit, along with the exercises she gave me. Emily is very professional, proficient and knowledgeable. Chiropractor visits generally aren’t known for being pleasant experiences, but Emily’s positive, effective and friendly manner make them much more bearable, especially when you see real results. Jread more
Elliot S.
We can't recommend Twickenham Chiropractic highly enough. From friendly and inviting reception staff to professional yet personable experts, all of the staff are excellent! Emily has helped me and my partner with our various ailments - even fixing problems we have previously been told couldn't be fixed!read more
This was my first chiropractic treatment and I found the experience very positive. Both because Emily successfully treated my lower back pain and because she ensured I fully understood the treatment plan and her goal for my recovery. Everyone I met were friendly, professional and accommodating. Especially liked the online booking option which adds extra flexibility. Thank you!read more
Thom R.
My visits to Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre are always beneficial physically and mentally, and I always leave with a sense of rejuvenated energy. Always a friendly and welcoming service, the treatment feels tailored to what is needed with any urgent matters taken into account. The advice and overall health plan is well-informed, all delivered in a manner that isn’t intimidating or patronising in the slightest, which for me is key to that sense of well-being. Thanks 😊read more
Simon F.
Friendly, profession, clean, and passionate. Everyone at Twickenham Chiropractic is sporty and understands what your body goes through, they’ve done so much to get me back to 100% so I can keep doing the sports I love. I have recommended Lee and his team to many friends and family and will continue to do more
Chris H.
I've received both chiropractor services and rehab work from the TW team - I'm in good general health because of the treatments I receive keeping me in a good place. The clinic is a lovely environment, all the staff are great and the service level is exceptional - highly recommend this more
Kellie C.
Excellent chiropractic care at a lovely clinic. After a long hiatus from chiro, I started visiting Lee to address a few issues arising from training, bad posture and working in front of a computer too much. My back/neck are feeling a lot better; I'd happily recommend Lee to anyone looking for a more
Sami M.
After a long term injury ( Sciatica) I have visited a few Physiotherapist and chiropractors , but the pain didn't go a way , I found lee in twickemham green he did an -depth consultation and examined old injuries . He created a treatment plan that gave me instant relief , I suffered with lower back and calf problem that stop me from running and lifting weight , I have had no pain since my third visit and now I'm back running , highly recommend it .read more
David M.
Have visited other Chiros in the area and not really been satisfied. Felt like I was throwing money away and not getting a solution. Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre opened I booked an appointment and glad I did. Lee is very friendly and gets to the bottom of a problem very quickly. In my case I have a shoulder that is problematic one minute but fine the next. Regular treatment is helping. Clinic is brand spanking new and location could not be better opposite the more
Steve T.
After just three visits Lee sorted my back issue with a mix of treatments. Lee clearly knows his stuff and, given I've seen many chiropractors over the years, Lee is the best I've seen. I'd recommend him without hesitation. Lee's new practice on Twickenham Green is well placed and parking is pretty easy - note that parking in the opposite side of the green is unrestricted after more
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I experienced first hand the huge benefits of Chiropractic care. Now I am happy that I get the chance to help others experience the same at TW Chiro.

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