Chiropractors can be thought of as non-surgical spinal specialists and experts in joint and myofascial mechanics of the body. Chiropractic treatment is extremely safe and effective for a whole range of musculoskeletal pain but particularly of the spine and how this can effect the function of the nervous system.

All of our chiropractors are registered with the GCC and are covered by most health insurance companies.

Low Back Pain Treatment - Twickenham Chiropractic
Sport Rehabilitation Assessment - Twickenham Chiropractic

Sports Rehabilitation is an excellent choice of care for anyone recovering from injury and who is looking to return to a more demanding activity, exercise or specific sport. Our Sports Rehabilitation Therapists are trained to help at any stage of injury and often take a very hands on approach to care as well as offering self-care advice.

Massage Therapy is a fantastic treatment modality for anyone who suffers with general muscle tightness and tension. Although Sports Massage is extremely beneficial to anyone who participates in regular exercise, it is also suitable for anyone suffering with general muscle tension. Sports Massage helps to maximise recovery and relieve muscle tightness that often builds up over time – whether it be from regular exercise/sporting activity or from too much time spent at the desk!

Sports Massage Treatment - Twickenham Chiropractic